We find your place in Barcelona!

If you are going to be in Barcelona for a while, we can offer you different kinds of accommodation.

We carefully select and coordinate all of our accommodation options ourselves and ensure that these are located near the school, between 5 to 25 minutes by walking or by Barcelona Public Transport (Metro or Bus).

We regularly review our accommodations to assure that you are well-placed.

All of our accommodations offer free WIFI Internet Acces.

The Double Room sharing option is only available for two or three people booking together, except in July and August when you can book a Double Room individually and we will place you with another student.

Check In & Check Out is usually on a Saturday or a Sunday, but we offer you the flexibility to arrive on other days with additional day(s) surcharge depending on final dates.

One week means 7 nights.



These are rooms in shared apartments with other students or young local professionals. The kitchen, living room and bathroom are shared (although in some you may have your own private Bathroom). Apartments are fully furnished:

Single Room (SC): 130€ I wk or Double Room (SC): 90€ I wk


This is one of the best option to know our culture and gastronomy as well as to keep practicing your Spanish outside of the school. It´s probably the best way to integrate yourself into our customs.

Single Room: B&B: 175€ I wk. HB: 210€ I wk. FB: 245€ I wk

Double Room: B&B: 150€ I wk. HB: 185€ I wk. FB: 220€ I wk


The main difference with a Host Family is the size of the room and that a private bathroom and ironing is included.

Single Room: B&B: 245€ I wk. HB: 280€ I wk. FB: 315€ I wk

Double Room: B&B: 205€ I wk. HB: 240€ I wk. FB: 275€ I wk


We offer a wide range of residences all with private bathrooms. If you are interested in this option, please ask us for more detailed information about the services which are included.

Single Room: SC: 285€ I wk. B&B: 310€ I wk. HB: 355€ I wk. FB: 395€ I wk

Double Room: SC: 240€ I wk. B&B: 265€ I wk. HB: 310€ I wk. FB: 355€ I wk


The main difference with a Student Residence is the size of the room as well as services such as a gym or swimming pool.

Single Room: SC: 410€ I wk. B&B: 430€ I wk. HB: 480€ I wk. FB: 520€ I wk

Double Room: SC: 390€ I wk. B&B: 365€ I wk. HB: 410€ I wk. FB: 455€ I wk


If you want to live alone or with some friends, we can offer private apartments with your own kitchen, bathroom and living room. These Private Studios are completely furnished.

Loft Studio (No Rooms): 490€ I wk.

Standard (1 Room): 540€ I wk.

Comfort (2 Rooms): 590€ I wk.

Familiar (3 Rooms): 640€ I wk

* (Price is quoted per apartment and not per person)