As a important part of our philosophy, we do collaborate with different national and international NGO´s such as:

Casal del Infants www.casaldelsinfants.org   I   Barcelona NGO with the aim to help kids and teenagers living in underprivileged Barcelona neighboorhoods.

Banc dels Aliments www.granrecapte.com   I   Local organization that promotes collecting food for low-income people.

Medicos Sin Fronteras www.msf.es   I   International Health and Humanitarian Aid NGO that works in poor, devastated or conflict-effected areas giving health support.

Educación Sin Fronteras EDUCO www.educo.org   I   NGO that develops Education Projects in different parts of the World to help people receive education.

Intermon Oxfam www.oxfamintermon.org   I   Global NGO working on projects in more then 80 countries to work against poverty and injustice.

Unicef www.unicef.es   I   Global NGO working alongside with UNO (United Nation Organisation) and focused on children´s rights, protection, health and education.

World Wildlife Fund www.wwf.es   I   Global NGO that helps to preserve our Planet and its Wildlife.